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Academic introduction

Academic introduction

Academic introduction

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Automatic turning gear

Invention No.: Invention Patent: ZL 2019 1 0155643.6 Practical Patent: ZL 2019 2 0261371.3 China 02135704.8 European Community 1550792 Canada 2500079 United States US8549946B2

The automatic turning gear is a power device which drives the rotor by elastic couple in the shaft adjustment center of rotating equipment to realize the adjustment process in full free state.

The shaft system adjustment center of rotating equipment is realized by driving the rotor by external force. It is required that the driving speed is uniform, the stop point is accurate, and there is no interference in the axial and radial direction. The rotor is always in a fully free state, so as to measure the radial swing value of each axial section and adjust it to the national standard of less than 0.02mm per meter.

The original driving technology is driven by human or crane traction
1、 The action point, size and direction of force are very blind.
2、 It is difficult to control the speed and stop point, and the rotor can not be placed in a fully free state.
3、 The axial and radial interference leads to repeated ineffective labor, prolonging the construction period and aggravating the labor service.
4、 mandatory constraints, strong pull hard, blindly awesome, bring disaster to personnel and equipment are all related to this.
5、 Its form of labor desecrates the dignity and dignity of the staff.

The automatic turning gear is driven by an elastic couple, and the shafting adjustment process can be realized in a fully free state. It is completed by one person and one key
1. The acting point of the force is reasonable, the size is rated and the direction is clear.

2. Process specification, one key implementation, site in order.

3. It has the advantages of uniform speed, accurate stop point, no interference in axial and radial direction, accurate measurement, easy work and more power generation time.

4. We should optimize the working environment and working conditions, ensure the dignity and dignity of personnel, improve work efficiency, and liberate the productive forces.

The Three Gorges Project of the Yangtze River in China is a water conservancy project. 32 sets of 700 MW hydro generating units are installed. In 2010, "automatic turning gear" was successfully realized here.

The water supply project in Guangdong and Hong Kong is known as the "lifeline" of Hong Kong. The quality and service of automatic turning gear have laid the foundation for the prosperity of Hong Kong.

In Liujiaxia Hydropower Station in China, the outstanding performance of automatic turning gear has won people's "cheers", and the press release evaluation of people's network, Xinhua news agency network and China Electric Power News Network has been carried out.

The successful implementation of the automatic turning gear device in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, Guangdong and Hong Kong water supply, Liujiaxia and other national mark projects, as well as foreign power stations such as kaileta in Guinea, erlesay in Cambodia, Nanou River in Laos and banglangduo in Myanmar. China, the European community, the United States and Canada have granted invention rights and won the innovation award of China Patent Technology Expo, which has been included in the Chinese national standard GB / t50700-2011.

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must use his tools first. The automatic turning gear will contribute to the electric power production.

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